Stunning Ways To Reset Your Vintage Ring for a New Look

Stunning Ways To Reset Your Vintage Ring for a New Look

Stunning Ways To Reset Your Vintage Ring for a New Look

Sometimes resetting jewelry is an essential part of refurbishing a beloved family heirloom, and other times, individuals do this to accent a precious ring. As you celebrate a milestone anniversary, you may want to honor that by adding a halo or upgrading it. Get great ideas from these stunning ways to reset your vintage ring for a new look.

Replace the Center Stone

This is one of the easiest upgrades you can do, and it’s perfect if you love your band but want a larger stone. Replacing the center stone also works great for individuals who purchased a smaller diamond due to budget restraints. Now’s the time to get the diamond you always dreamed of having!


You may also want to consider changing the shape of the center diamond. For instance, maybe you no longer want a round stone and would prefer to upgrade to a more modern shape, like an emerald cut.

Add a Halo

If you want to add some more sparkle and brilliance to your diamond, add a halo of diamonds for some extra bling along the band. This makes the center diamond look larger and adds a bit of personality to create something new out of a precious vintage piece. Plus, you get to see bits of the past mixed with a modern spin by doing this.

Update the Setting

The third stunning way to reset your vintage ring for a new look is to change the setting. Consider adding two more diamonds for a three-stone ring or several for a cluster setting. If you have concerns about the cost of this, visit a jeweler that offers lab-made diamonds. These types of diamonds are more budget-friendly and look as brilliant as a natural one.

Caleesi Design has jewelry repair services, so you can have your ring updated or switch out a gemstone. In addition to this, we have beautiful lab-made diamonds that’ll add the sparkle you want to this precious family heirloom. Vintage pieces are special to a wearer, and by adding your spin on them, you add to the memories as you pass it down to the next generation.

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