The Five Most Common Types of Jewelry Repair

The Five Most Common Types of Jewelry Repair

The Five Most Common Types of Jewelry Repair

Everyone has at least one piece of jewelry that holds a special, sentimental meaning; maybe it’s an engagement ring or bracelet from a loved one. Memories surrounding these pieces make them even more special, as they hold a dear place in our hearts. But over time, your precious jewelry may begin to show its age and need repair. This article will discuss the five most common types of jewelry repair.

Ring Resizing

Of the many types of repair, ring resizing is among the most common for two reasons. First, you may inherit a ring from a parent or other close relative who has a different ring size. The second reason for repair is that our bodies change as we age, so your finger size could increase over time due to arthritis or other reasons.

The way a ring gets resized depends on whether it’s too big or too small. For example, if the ring is too large, experts will cut an opening at the bottom of the ring and place a spacer in it to make the metal wider. After doing this, they’ll melt down the metal spacer so that the band appears smooth.

Prong Repair

Prongs are an essential component of any piece of jewelry since they hold gemstones in place. The problem is that these can break, especially if the metal is thin; this can result in the gem falling out. Experts refer to this type of repair as “prong re-tipping” and repair it by creating a new prong out of metal, then heating the material and jewelry so that it adheres.

Stone Replacement

Whether you live a busy lifestyle or hit your piece of jewelry hard enough, the gemstone could become loose and fall out. If you notice the gem moves around, take it to an expert for repair. The jeweler will tighten the prongs into the appropriate position to ensure the stone remains secure.

Sometimes, the stone itself may also suffer damage or completely fall out. If either of these happens, you’ll have to bring it into a shop so a professional can replace the stone. Since this requires precision, make sure you visit a jewelry expert like Caleesi Designs! This ensures the new gem fits perfectly and looks incredible.

Clasp Repair

Necklaces and bracelets are common accessories that many people love adding to their outfits. However, the clasp or chain of these items could break due to wear or other various reasons. Professional jewelers repair this by replacing the clasp.


Of the five most common types of jewelry repair, cleaning and polishing is the final one. If your piece no longer sparkles in the light, then it may need a good polishing. Direct sunlight, cleaning chemicals, and perfume are just some of the many things that may make a piece fade. A jeweler will add a coat of polish to bring that shine back.

Visit Caleesi Designs for jewelry repair in Austin, Texas; we provide ring resizing, necklace repair, and more to keep your precious treasures looking incredible.

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