Tips for Finding a Reliable Jewelry Repair Service

Tips for Finding a Reliable Jewelry Repair Service

Tips for Finding a Reliable Jewelry Repair Service

Everyone needs to visit a jewelry repair shop at some point, either to have a precious piece fixed, restored, or reseized. For instance, a jeweler can fix a watch in need of a new battery or resize a ring that’s too big. But you can’t just go to the first jewelry shop you come across; you need to visit a professional who prioritizes quality in their craft. This guide will delve into a few tips for finding a reliable jewelry repair service. 

Evaluate Prices

The best shop doesn’t always have the lowest prices but instead fair rates. What does this mean? They’re not overcharging you for their services, but the fee doesn’t seem so low that they may compromise quality. As you search for a jeweler in your area, evaluate what they charge for each available service and compare this to other businesses. By noticing commonalities, you can better decide the best price for the repair you need.

Prioritize Quality

Great craftsmanship should always be among the first things you look for in a reputable business, especially when it comes to precious pieces and heirlooms. Read various reviews on the company to find out what past customers have to say. When doing this, remember to read through both one-star and five-star reviews, even if the business has high overall ratings.

Check for Certifications

This tip for finding a reliable jewelry repair service can be easy to overlook, but it’s important. You should always strive to find a business that only hires certified jewelers since they receive the necessary training. If you can’t find this information listed on the company website, call and ask whether they require certification. In the event they do not, then it’s best to continue your search for a repair service.

Review Time of Repairs

Don’t wait until you hand your jewelry over to find out how long it will take for the expert to fix it. Instead, ask how long the jeweler expects the repair to take, then compare this with what other businesses tell you. Some repairs, like replacing a watch battery, may take a few minutes, but resizing a ring or bracelet could take a week or more.

Find Out If They Insure

Some jewelry shops send pieces out for repair while others complete the task on site. This depends on what equipment workers have access to. Keep in mind that there’s a risk of damage and theft in both instances, so you should ask whether they insure pieces. Shops that insure their jewelry often do a better job of protecting it, giving you peace of mind.

Visit Caleesi Design Jewelers

If you live in the Austin, Texas, area and need a jewelry repair service, bring your precious pieces to Caleesi Design Jewelers to have an expert repair it. We offer various types of jewelry repair, including restoration, repurposing, chain repair, and stone replacement. With an expert working on your jewelry, you can get back to wearing your favorite piece in no time!

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