Can A Diamond Chip Or Break?

Can A Diamond Chip Or Break?

At Caleesi Designs, nestled in the heart of Austin's vibrant community, we cherish the timeless beauty and enduring strength of diamonds. While diamonds are celebrated for their unmatched hardness, it's essential to recognize that they are not invincible. In our exploration today, we delve into the nuances of diamond resilience and the precautions necessary to safeguard these treasures, ensuring that the jewelry you wear daily continues to symbolize love and commitment without succumbing to the rigors of everyday life.

The Hardness of Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material on Earth, ranking at the top of the Mohs scale of mineral hardness with a score of 10. This incredible hardness means that a diamond can scratch virtually any other substance, but it does not imply that diamonds are immune to all forms of damage. Hardness primarily refers to resistance to scratching, not to chipping or breaking.

Vulnerabilities of Diamonds


Diamonds have natural lines of weakness known as cleavage planes. If a strong force is applied at the right angle to these planes, a diamond can chip or even split. This characteristic is exploited by diamond cutters to shape diamonds into various cuts and styles.

Points and Edges

Certain diamond cuts, such as the marquise, pear, or princess cuts, have pointed edges that are more susceptible to chipping. These areas can be particularly vulnerable when struck against a hard surface or subjected to rough treatment.

Impact and Pressure

While diamonds withstand scratching from most substances, they can still suffer damage from a hard impact, especially in areas where the crystal structure is weaker or at the girdle's edge. Such impacts can cause chips, cracks, or even break the diamond into pieces.

Settings and Wear

The way a diamond is set into jewelry can also affect its vulnerability. High settings may expose diamonds more to knocks and bumps, while certain designs can help protect the stone. Regular wear and tear over time can also contribute to the risk of damage, particularly for rings.

Tips for Protecting Your Diamond Jewelry

  1. Choose the Right Setting: Opt for a protective setting that shields the diamond's most vulnerable points, especially for engagement rings and other daily wear items. Bezel settings and styles with protective prongs are good options.
  2. Regular Inspections: Have your diamond jewelry inspected by a professional jeweler regularly to ensure that the settings are secure and there is no risk of the diamond coming loose or being exposed to damage.
  3. Wear with Care: Be mindful of your activities while wearing diamond jewelry. Remove rings, bracelets, and other pieces during high-impact activities, manual labor, or when using harsh chemicals.
  4. Proper Storage: When not in use, store your diamond jewelry separately to prevent scratches or impacts with other hard substances. Soft cloth pouches or padded jewelry boxes are ideal.
  5. Professional Cleaning: While diamonds can be cleaned at home, professional cleaning can ensure that any build-up is removed without risking damage to the stone or setting.


Although diamonds are renowned for their hardness, they are not immune to chipping, cracking, or breaking. The key to preserving the beauty and integrity of diamond jewelry lies in understanding its vulnerabilities and taking proactive steps to protect it. By choosing the right settings, wearing diamonds thoughtfully, and ensuring proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy the enduring beauty of your diamonds for a lifetime.

Diamonds, with their unparalleled brilliance, carry stories of love, milestones, and personal triumphs. At Caleesi Designs, we're committed to helping you protect these precious narratives. Understanding the balance between a diamond's incredible durability and its vulnerabilities allows us to appreciate and care for our jewelry even more. We invite you to visit us at Caleesi Designs, where your jewelry's care is our passion, and every piece is treated with the attention it deserves, reflecting the unique spirit of Austin and the deep connections it fosters.

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