5 Reasons To Go With a Sapphire Engagement Ring

5 Reasons To Go With a Sapphire Engagement Ring

5 Reasons To Go With a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Finding that perfect engagement ring can be a challenge. Many people gravitate toward diamonds, but this isn’t everyone’s gem of choice. If you’d rather get something a bit more uncommon, then check out these great reasons to go with a sapphire engagement ring. These gems are not only beautiful but also more affordable.

They’re Within Budget

Setting a budget can feel frustrating, since it often means making sacrifices. But if you go with a sapphire as your center gemstone, you’ll get a beautiful ring at an affordable price. This is because the demand for sapphires isn’t as high as it is for diamonds. And by saving money on your engagement ring, you’ll have more to spend on the wedding or a romantic honeymoon.

Plus, these gems are rarer than diamonds, so you can find a ring as unique as your love.

Their Value Increases

Sapphires may not be as expensive as diamonds, but the value of these gems has increased over time. This rise in value relates to their scarcity and their growth in popularity. So if you want to buy a ring that’s also a great investment, then a sapphire ring is a great choice.

They’re Durable

Why not buy a ring built to last eternity, just like your love? Sapphires are perfect because they’re nearly as hard as diamonds: they’re a 9 on Mohs hardness scale, while diamonds are a 10. Thanks to their durability, your partner won’t have to worry about their gem chipping. With a durable center stone, they can happily wear their ring on every adventure you take together.

They’re Ethically Sourced

Our next reason to go with a sapphire engagement ring is that these gems are ethically sourced. Mining for diamonds is often dangerous, and various conflicts often surround mining because people want control over the mines. Sapphires stand out because mining practices are almost always safe and ethical. Plus, some sapphires come from small communities, so you’re more likely to know where yours came from.

They Look Amazing

Sapphire rings are beautiful thanks to that natural deep blue color, but blue isn’t your only choice. These gems come in a range of other colors, including black, green, pink, white, and yellow. What’s even more beautiful is that each color symbolizes something different. For example, blue sapphires symbolize love and loyalty, while white represents communication and strength.

If you feel sold on sapphire engagement rings and need a jewelry store in Austin, TX, visit Caleesi Designs. We have beautiful jewelry options you’ll love, including different types of sapphires. Buy a unique gemstone that tells a story just like the love you and your partner share.

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