Arthritic Knuckle and Top Heavy Ring Solutions

Arthritic Knuckle and Top Heavy Ring Solutions

In comes a time in many of our lives where we develop arthritis in our fingers and our rings no longer fit the way they used to. Have no fear, Caleesi Designs Jewelers has many possible solutions for you to keep wearing your beloved rings.

Sizing Beads or Sizing Pillows

The difference between sizing beads and pillows is slight. Essentially one is a sphere shape, and the other is more like a pitcher's mound. Both solutions are great for people who have arthritic knuckles or have problems with their ring spinning around on their finger.

The process is simple. We size your ring up slightly, then add two beads or pillows on the bottom inside of your ring. This way when you go to slide the ring over your knuckle, your finger has room to move around between the beads, and once it is on your finger, the beads hold the ring on the smaller part of your finger. The great part of this is it is a fairly inexpensive solution. You may ask about a ring guard which wraps or twists around the shank of your ring. We do not recommend this solution, because in time it will damage your ring.

Some people find the beads uncomfortable, so in that instance, we would put in the sizing pillows. If you think you would prefer the pillows, please let us know, as beads are our default.
Butterfly or U-Shank
For those who may find the beads uncomfortable, Caleesi Designs Jewelers recommends a butterfly or U-shank instead of the beads. The same process is applied, we size your ring up slightly, then add a U-shaped tension-filled bar inside your ring. When you slide the ring over your knuckle, the bar will open up to accommodate your larger knuckle, then fold back in once it is on the smaller part of your finger. We recommend doing the bar in 14 karat gold (any color) because it is the best at holding the tension the U-shape needs. This can also be a solution for rings that spin on the finger.

Adjustable Shank

Adjustable shanks are the best solutions for people whose severe arthritic knuckles and finger are 3 or so sizes apart. This is the most expensive option, however there are different price ranges between this solution as there are many brands and types of adjustable shanks. Talk to your jeweler about which solution is right for you. Essentially this solution is done by removing the bottom half of your ring, and putting on an adjustable shank of your choosing. These solutions allow for the ring to be unlocked and opened to fit over the knuckle, then locked in place at the base of the finger.


  • Shawn Jones

    I am your regular costumer and have had you make several pieces for me. I recently purchased a citrine and diamond size 7 ring . I have arthritic fingers too. I’m thinking those pillows inside my ring will work . I need to bring you the ring someday Tuesday thru Saturday. Whenever I have a break. My cell is 512-5671985. Thanks Steve

  • Sherri

    Looking for new wedding ring and Dimond. I have lost mine. I would love to have a adjustable size for my Arthritic fingers.

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