Custom Designing Jewelry

Custom Designing Jewelry

Often times clients will enter the store with a dozen or so images of jewelry  they love, with the intention of creating a custom jewelry piece. However, the images are never exactly what they want.  That's where Caleesi Designs steps in. We love working with customers to help them realize exactly what it is that they want out of a piece of their jewelry.

Jewelry is such a personal thing, and we find that our clients have a story to share for why they want to make it. We have had all kinds of request for individualized pieces. Clients will come in with old jewelry they inherited that they want to give new life to with a modern look. We remove the gem stones and gold and re-imagine grandmas jewelry to be something that suites their style, as well as keeping the sentimental value of having a part of that loved one with you.  We've had request for new pieces, starting from scratch, that help captures an individuals milestone or story. We recognize that it is just important to listen to style notes as well as what this custom jewelry piece will represent for them.  Often we find ourselves creating that perfect engagement ring as a surprise for someone's significant other. We have to use clues and details to figure out what exactly their partner will love. Its a privilege to be there to help out clients with such a significant moment in their lives.  While visual design is a major factor when trying to create any piece of jewelry, we always keep in mind our clients stories and the little things that will make it their jewelry. 

The first step, after our one-on-one consolation, we go to a sketch. This is where a lot of the details are figured out and ideas get to be explored in a fast and easy way. At this stage we will play with correct proportions, play with some variations, and which stone sizes/colors will work within your design best. The next step in the process is creating a 3-D digital model. At this point we start finalizing all the details of your jewelry and can get exact metal weights from the computer programs calculations. The cool thing about this stage is you will be able to see exactly what you will be getting. The 3D file will be use to print out a wax model of your piece and then we will use this model to direct cast into metal. Pretty cool stuff! 

We are happy to work closely with our clients on each of  these steps of the design process so you can be directly involved in getting exactly what you want. Once the piece is cast, our expert jeweler hand sets all the stones and finishes and polishes. The process normally takes 3-4 weeks depending on how long we spend in the design stage.
Making custom jewelry is always a fun and exciting, so lets get started!

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