How To Wear Sustainable Jewelry This Spring

How To Wear Sustainable Jewelry This Spring

How To Wear Sustainable Jewelry This Spring

The jewelry you wear each season changes depending on what’s most popular as different colors and designs fade in and out of fashion. Prepare your wardrobe for the shift by discovering how to wear sustainable jewelry this spring so you can look amazing!

What Is Sustainable Jewelry?

Sustainable jewelry is sometimes referred to as ethical jewelry and stands out for several reasons. First, ethical jewelry is typically conflict-free and mining, as it doesn’t subject workers to hazardous conditions. Additionally, sustainable jewelry sometimes includes recycled materials, so we don’t have to continue mining for non-renewable resources like metal.

Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable jewelry that many young couples now gravitate towards when selecting an engagement ring. And lab-grown diamonds look just like the real deal but sell for a fraction of the price, making them even more appealing.

Tips for Styling Sustainable Jewelry

As you prepare your wardrobe for spring, make styling the best outfits simple by keeping things organized. For example, aim to match a blue topaz gem with similar cool colors. At this time of year, many like to wear the following colors and shades:

  • Bright coral
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Soft pastels
  • Sky blue

These colors go perfectly with various gemstones, and finding the ideal match could mean experimenting a little in front of the mirror.

Dressing Tip: Pick a Statement Piece

If you want to wear a flashy piece of jewelry, ensure it’s the only piece, so it captures attention. Too many statement pieces can look overdone, and fashion experts recommend sticking to one.

Dressing Tip: Keep Colors Aligned

While the colors you wear don’t have to match perfectly, they should align with one another, so the jewelry complements what you wear. Diamonds and opals can match anything, but the same isn’t true for those colorful gemstones. And if you wear multiple pieces of jewelry, ensure everything flows.

Design Tip: Silver vs. Gold

When it comes to chains and ring bands, determining whether you should wear gold or silver can be a bit tricky. Most advice is gold for those with warm-toned skin and silver for cool-toned; if your skin is neutral, you’ll look great in either.

Shopping for the Best Pieces

An important part of knowing how to wear sustainable jewelry this spring is uncovering where you should buy it. Caleesi Design Jewelers sells ethically made jewelry and offers jewelry appraisal in Austin, Texas, so purchase a lab-grown diamond or other specialty piece today!

Shopping for sustainable jewelry is essential because these pieces are better for our planet as they’re cruelty-free. As you begin adding new items to your jewelry box, remember to evaluate the company you buy from to ensure they sell ethical products.

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