Ring repairs Austin Tx.

Common Types of Jewelry Repair Austin Tx.

Caleesi Designs Jewelers can take care of all of your jewelry repair needs. Some of the most common repairs we see are basic ring sizing, chain repair, ring shank replacement, and lost stone replacement. From the most common type of jewelry repair to the most complex complete ring restoration, we can help. We can assist with chain repair, ring sizing, stone replacement, arthritic ring shank, rhodium plating, watch batteries, ring re-shanking, prong tipping or replacement. 

 So bring in your jewelry for all your jewelry repair needs and we'll take care of them for you. It's also a very good idea to bring in your jewelry for prong and stone checking. This can prevent you from losing a very precious diamond or gemstone. It is very common for prongs on center diamonds or gemstones to wear down over time. Many stones are held in with just four prongs so when one or two of the prongs wear down, this can often result in stone loss and a more costly repair. 

Jewelry Repair Austin Tx.

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