There seems to be a lot of questions surrounding lab grown diamonds and the biggest one is, "is it a REAL diamond"? Answer; YES! These are not fake diamonds. Lab grown or man made diamonds are made of the same stuff as mined diamonds, it just takes weeks instead of millions of years to grow these beauties. Lab grown diamonds have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds. In lab grown diamonds, they start with a "diamond seed" which is just a tiny piece of a natural or synthetic diamond. That piece acts a template that forces carbon atoms in the same lattice crystallized structure. Then add that same pressure and heat that natural diamonds under-go over millions of years and boom, diamonds! Its almost impossible to tell a lab diamond from a natural without specialized equipment and training. The technology has come a long way and growers are now making better and better quality diamonds.


Lab grown diamonds were originally made with the intention of tooling and industrial uses, which often times this is still there purpose.The great thing about this process is that lab grown diamonds are just as strong as natural diamonds and can withstand the same conditions.  They have become a hot item in the jewelry world. Scientist are finding ways to create richer and deeper colored diamonds as well as coming closer to flawless stones. The biggest benefit to these stones is that they can be up to 30% cheaper than naturally formed diamonds. So these babies are cheaper, better looking, and there is more abundance. Sign us up! We sell natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds and are happy to show you both so you can compare the look for yourself.  We always make sure we disclose exactly where your diamond is from and make sure it is ethically sourced. Whichever route you choose, all our stones come with paper work that is unique to them. 

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