Lone Star Cut Blue Topaz and Citrine Jewelry

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In Texas, the tea is sweeter, the BBQ is better, and everything is bigger in our Lone Star State—including the Texas pride that brought on the creation of the Lone Star cut! Texas is the only state to have an official gemstone cut. The Lone Star cut—a distinct gemstone cut showing a five-point star designed by two Texas natives—was adopted in 1977, becoming the official gemstone cut of Texas. Show your Texas pride and start your collection of artfully crafted Lone Star cut jewelry. This incredible Lone Star cut jewelry is here at Caleesi Designs!

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The intricate design of the pavilion makes the star corner a reflector so any light striking it is reflected back to the source. What you see when you look at the star is the reflection of your eye! The cut is so precise that a deviation of only a degree loses the effect.

At Caleesi Designs Jewelers in Austin, Texas, we will make a custom designed Lone Star piece of jewelry inspired by your great taste and individuality. Our custom Lone Star cut jewelry is available in rare Texas Blue Topaz and Citrine.

lone star cut blue topaz white gold earrings fashion jewelry austin texas atx

Blue Topaz was designated the official Texas gem in 1969. It is known as the gemstone of love, affection, and good fortune and may be used as a meditation stone helping you live your life according to your aspirations.

Citrine manifests wealth and prosperity but most of all represents your burnt orange UT pride.

Hook em’ Horns!

lone star cut burnt orange citrine gold necklace austin texas atx jewelry hook em horns ut

Adorn yourself with a beautifully crafted piece created just for you. Practicing another Texas motto, Friendship, these also make great gifts for your friends and family. These are true Texas gems with one of the most technically advanced cuts - each made with honor, pride, and a piece of Texas!

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