Marika Desert Gold Jewelry-Caleesi Designs Custom Jewelers

Marika Desert Gold Jewelry - Caleesi Designs Custom Jewelry Austin

Marika at Caleesi Designs Jewelers, Austin Tx.

You probably already know Caleesi Designs Jewelers, Austin Tx. for our amazing custom jewelry designs and our unique selection of in store jewelry.

We would like to introduce our Austin Tx. clientele to our new designer line of jewelry from Marika Designs

Marika Desert Gold Jewelry-Caleesi Designs Jewelry-Austin Tx


The Marika Desert Gold line is intimately intertwined with nature. Each piece highlights organic color and natural shapes, which compliment a woman's body.

This Marika line achieves a mixture of ancient traditions from Mediterranean and Arab cultures.

 While we pride ourselves in custom jewelry and custom designed engagement rings, we just couldn’t stop admiring Marika’s craftsmanship, their organic gold textures, and unusual jewelry finishing.  Caleesi Designs Jewelers was drawn to how each piece of jewelry was truly wearable art. Each piece has this eye-catching elegance interwoven with nature aspects.

Marika was inspired by the desert dunes that are near and dear to her upbringing. The Desert Gold line combines goldsmithing techniques from both the Mediterranean and Arab cultures with delicate yet sophisticated designs.

 So, stop in our Austin Tx. studio or shop us online and see for yourself. You'll absolutely fall in love this stunning collection. 



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