Pyrrha sterling silver meaningful talisman jewelry

More of your favorite talismans will be here soon—just in time for the holidays! These heartfelt necklaces and rings imbued with personal meaning are the perfect way to show that special someone that you truly understand who they are. Or, blaze your own path and select a piece that empowers, comforts, or celebrates YOU.

Our specialty here at Caleesi is, of course, custom jewelry. And with that in mind, it stands to reason that we are drawn to pieces like this. Jewelry is all about personal meaning. Milestones, life changes, you name it; it's what we do! (Not to mention jewelry repair and cleaning, plus just about everything else under the sun!)

We already have a wide selection of Pyrrha pieces in our showroom on S. Lamar, and we will be adding even more to our selection starting next week—including eye-catching bronze pieces.

We love Pyrrha here at Caleesi.

Come see why!


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