Types of Jewelry Finishes

Types of Jewelry Finishes

Most people don't realize how many different finishes you can have on your jewelry. Here is a listen of different options with pictures to show you the different textures and finishes you can put on your next custom piece of jewelry. All finishes are free of charge at Caleesi Designs Jewelers except for hand engraving. We have a master engraver who will make your piece one of a kind. Most engraving starts around $400 but some as low as $200. Contact Caleesi Designs in Austin today for a quote on your next custom jewelry piece.
High Polish: Exactly what you'd expect. The brightest, shiniest shine we can create that has a mirror effect.


High Polish Jewelry Finish on Band
Satin (Matte): More of a soft matte finish for those who don't want their ring so shiny.
Satin Jewelry Finish on Band
Brushed: More of  a directional satin finish. Can be done as shown, side to side, or at an angle.
Brushed Jewelry Finish on Band
Hammered: Yep, we beat it with a hammer to create cool moon crater-like divots.
Hammered Jewelry Finish on Band
Sandblast: We  block off an area and blast it with sand to create a cool frosted texture.
Sandblast Jewelry Finish on Band
Scratched: Like the brushed finish but more pronounced and less uniform.
Scratch Jewelry Finish on Band
Florentine: Seen a lot in antique pieces. A fun ridged directional texture.
Florentine Jewelry Finish Close Up
Engraving: Typically done by hand after the ring is complete, but sometimes done in the computer before casting.
Hand Engraved Jewelry Finish on Band
Milgrain: A ribbed edge that dresses up any design just a touch.
Milgrain Jewelry Finish on Band
Oxidized: A chemical process applied to sterling silver to darken the metal. Gold can also be antiqued in recessed areas.
Oxidized Jewelry Finish on Sterling Silver Bands

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