Watch for These Four Signs That Your Jewelry Needs Repair

Watch for These Four Signs That Your Jewelry Needs Repair

Watch for These Four Signs That Your Jewelry Needs Repair

When you wear jewelry, the last thing you want is for a gemstone to fall out or, worse yet, the entire piece to fall apart. Typically, our jewelry shows signs it’s time for a repair before one of these tragedies happens, and it’s up to you to notice it. Watch for these four signs that your jewelry needs repair, so you never have to worry.

Loose Clasps and Broken Chains

As you wear your bracelets and necklaces, the clasp that holds the piece closed could become loose or stop closing properly. If you notice the clasp no longer closes as tightly as it once did, plan a trip to your jeweler before wearing the piece again.

Broken chains are another cause for concern since they work alongside clasps to keep your necklace or bracelet in place. Sometimes, links break, especially when the piece is fragile.

Broken Prongs

Prongs help hold a gemstone in place, but sometimes wear and tear can lead to damage. For example, if you bang your ring against the wall or drop it, the prong could bend or break. Usually, an expert will examine the prongs for signs of damage and evaluate whether they appear too thin. Ideally, the prongs of your ring should appear rounded at the top; anything else could signify breakage.

Be on the Lookout

Sometimes, a prong could break off altogether. When this happens, the gem has less support, which can lead to additional repairs such as gemstone replacement. Evaluate the prongs before wearing your jewelry.

Thin or Cracked Bands

When it comes to rings, broken prongs aren’t the only thing you have to worry about since the band or shank could also wear out. This often occurs from rubbing against your finger as you take the piece on and off. If the band is too thin or cracked, visit your jeweler before wearing the ring again.

Loose Gemstones

A loose gemstone can be a worst-case scenario for many, especially precious gems on engagement rings and heirloom pieces. Chips and other forms of damage can cause a stone to loosen, and you can often spot a wiggly stone. Many also notice loose stones because it appears as though the gem rotated from its original position.

Visit an Expert

As you watch for these four signs that your jewelry needs repair, it’s important to visit a reputable business to inspect your piece. Caleesi Design Jewelers offers jewelry repair in Austin, TX that you can trust to handle your jewelry. Prevent mishaps by regularly having a jeweler inspect your jewelry for the common signs of damage so you don’t have to worry.

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