What Are Rough Cut Diamonds?

What Are Rough Cut Diamonds?


It can be confusing sometimes when all you are familiar with is traditional brilliant cut diamonds. The most common question we get is "but is it a real diamond"? The answer, Rough Cut diamonds are diamonds. Actually, rough cut diamonds are the closest thing to the raw diamond material. They are still in their natural state after being removed from the earth. Rough cuts come in a variety of beautiful rich colors including white, cream, yellow, black, green, cognac, pink, and red. Its much easier to see the colors in a rough cut diamond rather than a regular polished diamond.  When rough cut diamonds are being shaped the technician will use the natural way that particular diamond has formed to keep the integrity of that particular stone. This helps to make each one stand out. If you are looking for a special stone that is truly one of a kind, rough cut diamonds are a good choice. They are distinctive while keeping the same striking brilliance that are inherent to only diamonds.

There is nothing new about rough cut diamonds. They have been around since people started mining diamonds. Rough cut is actually the original way diamonds were treated after being mined.   Diamonds were first discovered in India in 800 B.C. They  were attributed with sacred powers and it was believed that altering them would lesson their strength.

Rough cuts are one of our favorite gems to do custom jewelry work with. Often time we find when creating diamond engagement jewelry, people are looking for something unique and want to avoid the a generic look.  Our customers who choose the rough cut diamonds tell us they love them for their individual characteristics. Once you pick out a stone, it is easy to see that it is yours . 

Rough cuts diamonds are perfect for people who appreciate that diamonds represent a strong and lasting love, but want a stone that is special to them. That is why we like to use them in women's engagement rings. They are easy to place in the center of a ring and they become an instant fashion piece. Often times we like to surround them with smaller traditional cut diamonds to help them stand out even more. It is a lovely compliment to the deep colors and interesting inclusions of the raw diamonds.

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