What To Expect When Having Your Vintage Ring Repaired

What To Expect When Having Your Vintage Ring Repaired

What To Expect When Having Your Vintage Ring Repaired

If you own heirloom jewelry, then you know how well it should be maintained. After sending off a precious ring for a polish, you may have questions about the care process. If you know what to expect when having your vintage ring repaired, you can rest easy knowing your jewelry is in good hands.

Restoration vs. Repair

Some individuals may use terms like restoration and repair when talking about jewelry, but they don't mean the same thing. Jewelry repair means fixing something that's broken. For example, a damaged prong or a dented band requires repairs. On the other hand, restoration refers to making the piece appear new; this may need repair, but that isn't the sole focus.

Pro Tip: Only Visit an Expert

While you can do basic cleaning on your own, avoid following the advice of online articles claiming you can do repairs yourself. Jewelry technicians receive proper training and have the tools to repair jewelry efficiently. Trying to correct a loose prong yourself could damage it—you can avoid this by seeing an expert right away.

Reasons for Vintage Ring Repair

Repair is common and necessary for pieces that get regular use. As time goes on, a ring’s prongs could wear out or even break, leading to the gemstone falling out. Repairs include resizing, as well. If you have a family heirloom that doesn’t quite fit, it’s the jewelry technician’s job to resize it for you.

Another reason for repairs is when the ring’s center gem or metal band shows signs of age, such as scratches or cracks on the stone. A poorly cared-for ring could break, making it completely unwearable until repaired.

Bonus Tips for Getting Your Ring Repaired

Many jewelry pieces are family keepsakes. You can take a piece into the shop you bought it from for repairs or bring it to your local jeweler.

When inquiring about repairs, remember to ask the technician about:

  • Price of the repair
  • Repairs your jewelry needs
  • Length of time for repairs
  • Location of the repair shop (on-site or off-site)

Pro Tip: Care for Your Ring

Once you receive your newly repaired ring, take good care of it so it doesn’t end up back in the shop. Most jewelers recommend scheduling cleaning appointments at least four times a year. The better you maintain your jewelry, the more you'll get to wear your special pieces.

Find a reputable jeweler at Caleesi Design Jewelers for jewelry repair in Austin, Texas. A skilled technician will give you peace of mind and explain what to expect when having your vintage ring repaired. 

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