Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Rising in Popularity?

Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Rising in Popularity?

Why Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Rising in Popularity?

Fiamonds symbolize eternal love, which is why many couples choose this gemstone for their engagement ring. However, diamonds are expensive, and when you set a budget, buying a natural diamond may mean making sacrifices. Below, we've listed various reasons why more couples choose lab-grown diamonds over natural gems.

They're Budget Friendly

So why are lab-grown diamonds rising in popularity? We'll get into several reasons for this, but one of the top benefits of lab-grown gems is that they're more affordable. And you don't have to worry about low quality causing that low price, either. Any jeweler will tell you that lab-grown diamonds look as good as the natural ones. You could never spot the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural one with the naked eye.

By purchasing a lab-grown diamond, you'll have more money to splurge on a unique setting or material for the ring band. Of course, you could also save that extra cash to use on your wedding or honeymoon to make beautiful memories.

They're Cruelty-Free

When we hear the term "cruelty-free," we usually think about cosmetic products and clothing, but this title incorporates a wide range of things, including diamonds. For years, wars have surrounded natural diamonds as people seek control over these mines because of the cost benefits. While the industry has improved, some mines still have dangerous working conditions, and sometimes wars still occur.


Many young couples also love lab-grown diamonds because, unlike natural diamonds, there's less pollution as we acquire them. However, mining for diamonds can harm our environment and deplete a limited resource. Conversely, lab-grown diamonds are manmade, so we always have access to them. Additionally, we can use renewable energy to make them, so the process is safe for the earth.

Tips for Buying Lab-Grown Diamonds

Now that we've answered, "Why are lab-grown diamonds rising in popularity?" let's talk a bit about how to buy a lab-grown diamond. Truthfully, this isn't too different from buying a natural diamond since you still have to consider cut, clarity, color, and carat and evaluate the setting.

Manmade diamonds are GIA certified like natural stones. The main differences between the two are the way they're created and the price—lab-grown diamonds have the superior price, which is the selling point to most couples.

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