Original Jewelry Designs

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      As a part of Austin’s jewelry industry for decades, the team at Caleesi Designs has worked with everything from heirloom jewelry to semi-precious and precious gemstones. All those experiences contribute to our original jewelry designs. We’re inspired by our customers’ passion for the art of jewelry, and we hope you will be, too.

      We’ve expressed ourselves creatively in this collection. Browse online to find what resonates with you. Or reach out to us and tell us if there’s something else you’re looking for. We love making custom pieces that become one-of-a-kind heirlooms.

      Caleesi original jewelry is as eclectic as our hometown. Stop by and visit us or order online today!

      What sets apart the Original Jewelry Designs at Caleesi Designs?

      Caleesi Designs prides itself on crafting unique, artisanal pieces that aren't found anywhere else, making every item a statement of creativity and craftsmanship.

      How do the artisans at Caleesi Designs come up with Original Jewelry Designs?

      Our skilled artisans draw inspiration from global trends, historical eras, and the natural beauty of Austin, TX, intertwining these elements to produce unparalleled Original Jewelry Designs.

      Can I customize one of the Original Jewelry Designs from Caleesi Designs?

      Yes, while our Original Jewelry Designs stand out on their own, we offer customization options to ensure that the piece you choose aligns perfectly with your individual style and preferences.

      Do the Original Jewelry Designs at Caleesi Designs undergo any quality checks?

      Absolutely! Every piece from our Original Jewelry Designs collection undergoes meticulous quality checks to ensure that you receive nothing but the best in terms of design and durability.

      How often does Caleesi Designs introduce new pieces to the Original Jewelry Designs collection?

      We continually strive to innovate and refresh our collection, introducing new Original Jewelry Designs periodically to offer our clientele diverse and contemporary choices.

      What materials are predominantly used in the Original Jewelry Designs at Caleesi Designs?

      At Caleesi Designs, we utilize a diverse range of materials, including high-quality gemstones, gold, platinum, and silver, to bring our Original Jewelry Designs to life.

      Is it possible to view the Original Jewelry Designs collection in person before purchasing?

      Certainly! We invite you to visit our store in Austin, TX, to experience the allure of our Original Jewelry Designs firsthand and to speak with our experts for any guidance or information.

      How do I care for and maintain my piece from the Original Jewelry Designs collection?

      To maintain the luster and integrity of your unique piece, it's recommended to avoid harsh chemicals, store it separately, and clean it with a soft cloth. Additionally, periodic checks at Caleesi Designs can help ensure its lasting brilliance.