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Whether you've just acquired a family heirloom or finished sorting through some old jewelry, you may be wondering about the value of your piece. You can get jewelry appraisals in Austin, TX, at Caleesi Design. Have an expert analyze your jewelry to tell you more about its weight, material, and worth.

Caleesi Design is a family-owned company that puts its customers first. If you need assistance with getting your piece appraised, our team can help.

What Is Jewelry Appraisal?

Some people may not know what jewelry appraisal is, and others may have never had a piece appraised by a professional jeweler. During this process, an expert will review your piece of jewelry and tell you how much it's worth. They’ll do this by evaluating the type of gemstone in the piece, the characteristics of the gem, the kind of metal used in the piece, and the piece's quality.

The price of jewelry can change depending on what gems and metals are currently popular, but a jewelry estimate will tell you the piece's current market value. So while a metal such as rose gold may come back with a high appraisal rate in one year, things could change if demand for the material decreases.

Jewelry valuation can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on how busy the shop is as well as on the number of items you want to have appraised.

Reasons for Jewelry Appraisal

There are two common reasons for a jewelry appraisal. The first reason for a jewelry estimate is that an individual is planning to sell old pieces they no longer want. Usually, this happens when one has more jewelry than they need and some of the items have little to no sentimental value. By getting a professional jewelry appraisal, the individual will know the fair market price for when they sell these items.

Selling off old pieces isn't the only reason for jewelry appraisals. Many people also bring their precious pieces or even heirlooms into shops to determine whether they should insure the jewelry. Although a ring or other piece passed down through the family holds plenty of sentimental value, it may have little monetary worth. In this instance, getting insurance for the piece isn't necessary.

Get an Appraisal From the Experts

If you're in Austin, Texas, and need a jewelry appraisal, visit Caleesi Designs. We offer estimates for various types of jewelry, including diamond appraisals. We understand how important it is to know the value of your jewelry. Our services are quick and easy, so reach out to our skilled team today!