Our Design Process

How Does Custom Jewelry Design Really Work?

​Looking to create a brand new custom one-of-a-kind piece? Or maybe revamping some jewelry that's been sitting in a box for years? We're here to help. Caleesi Designs Jewelers can help you design and create your perfect jewelry piece. But how does this process actually work?

Design Brainstorming

Every good idea starts with—well, an idea! Most of you will have a general idea of what you want. We're here to interpret your ideas into an actual piece. It's okay if you have no idea what you want to create, but just have the urge to create something unique. We can show you some examples of pieces we've made or even browse the internet for ideas.

custom rose gold halo diamond engagement ring jewelry sketch

Once we narrow down what you would like to do, we begin working on sketches so you can really visualize the project. This is also the best time to make tweaks to the design. Thinner band? Bigger diamonds? Different look? No problem!

Picking Stones & Metals

Once we have an idea of what kind of piece we're going to create for you, we can then decide on the details. This includes picking out stones and metals. Most pieces will be created in yellow, white, or rose gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

We can also use stones that are in good condition from pieces you might have sitting around in your jewelry box. As a bonus, we'll buy your unwanted metal from you as credit for your new piece! Talk about an upgrade! Ready to redesign your rings?

CAD Design

After we figure out all the details, we will then proceed in creating your piece in our CAD (computer aided design) program. Usually something like this will take about a week for us to create for you, depending on how complex the design is. Once we finish, we can create an image for you to see what your future piece will look like.

custom diamond halo engagement ring CAD computer aided design screenshot


We will send you a few angles of your piece via email for you to approve. If any final changes need to be made, it is at this time that we can address these. Once you approve the design, we send the file off for casting.

custom rose gold diamond halo engagement ring cad jewelry rendering


The casting typically comes back to us within 10 business days. We examine and quality check the casting then begin the clean up of the raw casting. We can even add a personalized engraving inside to make your piece extra special and unique.

custom rose gold diamond halo engagement ring raw casting 14k jeweler bench jewelry

Stone Setting and Finishing

Last but not least, we set any stones that need to be set and give the whole thing a final clean and polish. Then, voila, you have a beautiful new piece!

caleesi designs jewelers bench jewelry stone setting custom rose gold engagement ring

custom rose gold diamond halo engagement ring center round brilliant diamond bench jewelry

We do our best to take pictures of every piece we create so when future customers like you want to see examples of pieces we've created, we have something special to show them.

custom rose gold diamond halo engagement ring finished piece

Every piece we make here at Caleesi Designs is totally unique and designed specifically with you in mind. Let's make something memorable together!